Treating Hyperpigmentation

You’ve enjoyed fun summer activities like biking, hiking, boating and swimming, but as summer comes to an end, you may be seeing changes to your hair and skin that you don’t enjoy. If your hair is dry and bleached out, you don’t have to worry because summer hair can be…

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Top 10 celebrity skin secrets

Magazine headlines advertise our favorite celebrities’ flawless skin every time we stand in line at a grocery store. Sometimes it is a special new product that causes all the fuss, while other times it’s claimed that a secret long held by those so often photographed has finally been released to…

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10 Tips to Wake Up With Better Skin

Did you know that better skin in the morning starts the night before? In fact, your skin care routine before bed at night determines just how fresh you appear the next morning. 1. Remove all MakeupYou already know it is important to remove makeup before going to bed. Taking just…

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